Using Quizzes to Generate Leads

One of our favorite lead generation tactics is actually using quizzes. You’ve probably seen a lot of silly ones floating around out there on social media, but they’re really effective for getting a lot of leads. This is because they are fun and entertaining. They also feel low pressure because your prospects aren’t expecting a sales pitch at the end. That’s why many people are comfortable taking quizzes and they tend to share quizzes with their friends. That social sharing and potential virality is good for you as a salesperson or small business owner. We usually recommend two things to people looking to use quizzes for lead generation.

Have One Question that Qualifies the Lead

You need to have at least one question in there that qualifies intent. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent you want to make sure that your quiz has some question in there either signifies that they’re a possible buyer or there a possible seller.

Keep it Fun and Entertaining

You also want to ensure that the quiz is fun and entertaining. A quiz around a hard sell like Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth is not fun at all and no one is going to want to take that quiz. If you create a quiz like What the Type of Home Are You? Mid-century Modern, Classic Farmhouse, or Something Else that’s much more fun. It’s light-hearted and it doesn’t feel like there is a catch so I’m much more comfortable taking that quiz.

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