The Ease of Marketing Automation

All of the people we work with have one limited resource that no matter how well they’re doing that they can’t get more of, which is time. So that’s why I’m really big about marketing automation because it saves you so much time. Marketing automation is great because it comes alive a couple of really impactful ways.

Email Automation

One of the biggest benefits of automation is with your email marketing. If you’re manually going in and emailing all of the clients who sign up for your newsletter you’re wasting a lot of time. What you want to do is build an automated email sequence so whether you you’re using you the free version of MailChimp, HubSpot, or another CRM system they all have the capability to create automations so you can say someone who signs up for your newsletter automatically gets a welcome email if they open that welcome email then they’ll get a follow-up email that pushes one of your paid products. If they don’t open the welcome email it can send them regularly scheduled newsletter emails set up on an RSS feed so it’s automatically pulling new content from your blog to send out monthly, weekly, daily, or whatever cadence your newsletter is on.

The key is the sequence of emails is completely handled by your CRM system or email service provider. The hardest part for you will be setting it up initially, but after that it’s going to run and work on your behalf in the background without you having to think about it. It’ll be converting leads and bringing you more warm leads without you having to waste time with poorly qualified leads.

Automated Facebook Retargeting

Another way automation is going to help you is with your Facebook advertising. You’ve heard me talk about Facebook advertising, but what really takes it to the next level is retargeting. Say someone is on your website and they’ve viewed 4 different pages. That’s a strong indicator that they’re very interested in your business and that they’re a warm prospect that is seriously considering you. You can actually have Facebook automatically add them to an audience of you based on them taking those actions on your website.

Now instead of running ads to people you think might be interested in your business, you’re spending money advertising to people who have already signaled they are interested and will easily convert into paying customers. This will be a dynamic audience that Facebook will be regularly adding people to once they’ve been qualified as a warm lead by the actions they take on your website. Once that’s set-up you’re in a good position to let it run and start seeing more incoming leads.

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