Lead Volume vs. Lead Quality

Today, I want to talk a little bit about lead volume versus lead quality and whether it’s better to go for a higher volume of less qualified leads, so maybe people that you just got a name and email from but haven’t shown their commitment. You don’t know any other identifying facts about them and you usually can get a lot of those because there’s a very low barrier to entry with just asking for a name and email. On the other end of the spectrum. You have your high quality leads and usually you’ll qualify them by asking more identifying questions. So you’ll ask for name, email, phone number, and specifics about what they are interested in. You’re finding a little bit about their problems. So people who take that time and go out and fill out that whole form are better qualified because you have more information about them. You’re going to get a lower volume of those just because you’re asking people to input so much information.

There really is no right answer between going for high volume or high quality. It really is just on your preference, your approach, and the kind of the systems that you have in place. If you’re going the high-volume route, you actually need to have some automated processes to kind of nurture people and go through that qualification process without you personally have to follow up with every single lead. If you’re a one person operation and you’re manually following up with every prospect you’re probably going to go want to go for high quality so that you’re not overwhelmed trying to sift through a ton of leads.

Here at Tatum digital we usually take a little bit of a balanced approach so we won’t ask for a ton of information because we do want a decent amount of volume for our clients, but we will collect that information in an innovative way. I’m a big fan of utilizing quizzes and other fun engaging formats in order to collect leads.

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