Consistency is Key

The number one key to success with all marketing no matter whether it’s digital, print, direct mail, or billboard advertising is always consistency. The biggest issue we run into with a lot of entrepreneurs, especially newer entrepreneurs, is they will say “I did Google advertising and Facebook advertising and I didn’t get any business results from it, no leads and no new customers.” So we’ll ask them to let us take a look at their account so we can see what they did.

When we look at their account we often find that they ran one campaign, maybe two, for a total of a couple of weeks. Then they wonder why they didn’t get any results within a short period of time. It’s because of inconsistency. The most successful marketers are always testing and learning, so you won’t be able to just run one 2-3 week campaign and then at the end of that think you’re going to come out with a bunch of customers a bunch of new leads. You have to learn your audience, you have to learn how to reach them and you have to learn how to separate yourself from your competitors out there who are also advertising to that same audience.

That’s why at Tatum Digital we’re so big on consistent monthly subscriptions for our service because that consistency is the core of how we deliver results. Our clients demand results and the reason that we’re able to get them those results is because we get to work with them over time. Then we’re able to learn, optimize, and make sure that their money goes as far as possible when it comes to lead generation.

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