2 Things That Will Separate the Winners from the Losers in 2020

Happy New Year! I’m really excited for 2020 and I think that this is going to be a great year. I want to drop a couple things that I think are going to be the difference makers this year for those of you out there marketing and focusing on lead generation.

Building relationships, not lists

The biggest difference maker, which is going to surprise a lot of people coming from a guy who is so big about lead generation, is the emphasis on building relationships and not just building up lists. You’ll need to think less about your pipeline and your funnel, and think about how you’re building relationships with people. Marketing will take you really far in terms of getting people in the door, but relationship building is what’s going to keep them happy and keep them coming back for more.

I actually go have a great example. I go to a phenomenal dentist office, Ballantyne Family Dental. The interesting thing about dentist is that a lot of people see their services at the same and the average person doesn’t differentiate one dentist from another. At Ballantyne Family Dental they don’t do anything special in terms of the services they offer like teeth straightening, fixing fillings, and drilling out cavities. They do all the basic things a dentist does but what makes them stand out is their relationship building.

Everyone there, from the person who I check in with at the desk to the Hygienist who gives me the cleaning to the Dentist who actually does the work on my teeth, remembers my name. They remember my wife, they remember the names of my kids, and they remember discussions we’ve had weeks before. That relationship building goes a really long way with me and most other people and it’s the one reason I’ll always go to them as opposed to any other Dental office.

Creating a Better Customer Experience

The second thing is your customer experience. A lot of people are familiar with customer experience in terms of big brands like Amazon and Target but even a local real estate agent or a private practice physician can create a superior customer experience.

It doesn’t have to be something that you invest a bunch of money or technology into. Building a better customer experience is as simple as thinking about how you can make things easier for your potential clients and customers. Any way that you can make working with you easier or make getting your products or services easier improves your customer experience and it’s going to be really big in 2020.

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